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Laboratory Instruments

Laminar Bench
The cabinet is fabricated out of thick board duly sunmica covered. Interior surface is epoxy painted for durability and better finish. The work table is made of heavy gauge stainless steel and fitted with UV germicidal light. Static pressure manometer & exhaust system. Side panel is made out of thick transparent glass duly framed. The unit is fitted with pre filter and made it pass through highly effective HEPA filter having efficient of retaining all air-borne particles of size 0.3 micron of large. Motor of 0.25 HP operates with minimum noise level. The working table provides a comfortable sit down working position for the operator. Apart from all the facilities of vertical laminar air flow, biosafely cabinet have arrangement for re-circulation of air thus creating highest level of clean air, supplied complete with glove ports and gauntlets in the acrylic front sliding door, Suitable to work on 220/230V, 50 Hz. Single phase AC supply.
Thick wooden board fabricated, outer is finished with Laminated Mica and inner duly painted, designed so as throw out all toxic/charmful vapors, thus protecting costly instruments and the person working in the lab. Working table top is fitted with acid/ alkali resistant tile. The front door moves vertically up & down with concealed counter balanced weight/by Hingers The unit is fitted with flourescent light and a gas cock for gas/air supply. The space under the work station can be provided with switches for exhaust system and flourescent lights. Workable on 220 Volts AC supply.
TISSUE CULTURE RACK with Timer - SHI-208 (B)
Made of tubalar M.S./Aluminium pipes duly painted fpr longer life. Each rack of size 48"x21" (Depth) is covered with thickunbreakable plexiglass/Alluminium sheet. Distance between each rack is 15". Each rack is fitted with 4 flourscent tubes, 4 bulbs and one U.V. germicidal light. Electronic chokes are fitted on the rack to avoid the heat generation.
LAMINAR AIR FLOW CABINET (Horizontal & vertical) - SHI-206:A
Laminar air flow cabinets able to create particle free air of Class-II standard. The cabinet is fabricated out of board with sunmica laminated exterior. The working table is made of thick board which is also sunmica at top. Laminar flow is based on principle of double filtration of air. Atmospheric air will be drawn through the pre-filters by heavy duty blowers. Filtered air than passed through highly effective HEPA Filters with 99.97% efficiency for particulates of 0.3 micron or larger, which can filter almost all air born contaminants such as dust, fungal spores, bacteria etc. Double filtered laminar flow air will blow horizontally/vertically through the working table at a nominal velocity or approx 90 Fts/min. Heavy duty blowers dynamically balanced with 0.25 HP electric motor are mounted on shock resistant base of cabinet or anti-vibration pads, operate on 230 +/- 10 volts, 50 Hz AC supply. Shadow less uniform lighting is provided within working space (100 feet candles). Unit will be mounted on caster wheel and supplied with high quality plug and cord.