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LAMINAR AIR FLOW CABINET (Horizontal & vertical),Manufacturers LAMINAR AIR FLOW CABINET (Horizontal & vertical),LAMINAR AIR FLOW CABINET (Horizontal & vertical) India
Shivam Instruments LAMINAR AIR FLOW CABINET (Horizontal & vertical)

LAMINAR AIR FLOW CABINET (Horizontal & vertical)

Laminar air flow cabinets able to create particle free air of Class-II standard. The cabinet is fabricated out of board with sunmica laminated exterior. The working table is made of thick board which is also sunmica at top. Laminar flow is based on principle of double filtration of air. Atmospheric air will be drawn through the pre-filters by heavy duty blowers. Filtered air than passed through highly effective HEPA Filters with 99.97% efficiency for particulates of 0.3 micron or larger, which can filter almost all air born contaminants such as dust, fungal spores, bacteria etc. Double filtered laminar flow air will blow horizontally/vertically through the working table at a nominal velocity or approx 90 Fts/min. Heavy duty blowers dynamically balanced with 0.25 HP electric motor are mounted on shock resistant base of cabinet or anti-vibration pads, operate on 230 +/- 10 volts, 50 Hz AC supply. Shadow less uniform lighting is provided within working space (100 feet candles). Unit will be mounted on caster wheel and supplied with high quality plug and cord.

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